Here’s a simple way to get a daily dose of inspiration and personal power!  


You know how life can get sometimes.

When you’re feeling the pressure from your own limiting beliefs. 

When you get out of touch with what makes life precious. 

When you get caught up in the details of life and lose sight of the beautiful bigger picture. 


Sometimes you can’t hear your heart over the chatter in your head!

Well, what if there was a quick, simple way to keep you on track every day?

A way to remind you of who you really are and what really matters in life.

What if there was an easy step you could take every day that would calm the chatter and open your heart?

That was my entire motivation for writing Feel Good Thoughts.

"What a wonderful book that has already reminded me to stop and smell the roses! Thanks, Gladys, for your inspirational book!"



My name is Gladys Jimenez. I am living proof of the power of transformative thoughts. It's not just about "positive thinking", either. That's only a piece of the puzzle.

It’s really about you re-connecting with those simple truths that we all feel deeply, but we sometimes forget in the mad rush of life.

Whether you’re feeling crunched for time or pressured by responsibilities or just overwhelmed by circumstances, we tend to lose sight of what our blessings are.

We forget the blessing that WE are!

I wrote Feel Good Thoughts to be a simple daily reminder system, to keep you in touch with the wonderful aspects of living...and the wonder that you are in the lives of your family and friends.

It’s so easy to forget what life is all about when it’s swirling around us.

Well, guess what? It’s also easy to get re-connected – if you have a little support.

Feel Good Thoughts is your own Daily Support System!  

This book is designed to sit on your desk or counter or wherever you will see it often. Every morning, you can flip to a new thought for the day, a simple bit of wisdom that will uplift and inspire you.

Every day, you'll get a new message to remind you of how precious life is -- and how precious you are to those around you. 

When done every day, these powerful messages seep into your head and your heart. You will start to experience more calm and more confidence as the thoughts stack up, day after day. Your outlook on life will brighten the more you focus on these daily thoughts.

It’s not just “positive thinking”.  It’s returning YOU to YOU. 

As I said, it’s easy to get caught up in the confusion that life sometimes brings.

It's completely up to us to get some clarity on our life.

It's completely in our power to remind orselves of the blessings in our lives.

Feel Good Thoughts is my way of making it easier to remember why we matter and what eacy of us brings to the richness of life.

I truly believe that you will love this book!

Best wishes, 

Gladys Jimenez


Author, mother, entrepreneur

P.S. I urge you to give yourself or someone you care about this simple gift. Taking a little time each day to dwell on a new empowering thought makes such a difference!




This little book is great - in fact, I purchased it for 3 different friends for Christmas! Not only does it have great sayings, it also has a great physical design. Feel Good Thoughts is set up so it can stand up on a desk or table, and you can just flip to a new thought every day (or every hour if you'd like). I flip to a new thought every morning, and I find it's perfect for what I need that day.

The thoughts are about being present, having support from the universe, remembering to let go, remembering to play, and more.

I *highly* recommend it. When you order it, you might want to order a few extra, because you'll want to enjoy this yourself and share it with friends. - Shana F., San Diego, CA

I love seeing this charming little book on my desk with its meaningful quotes. Sometimes I leave it on one page for a long time, and sometimes I just want to see what's next. Either way it brings joy and a positive light to my day. I also like how the design makes it easy to use and it stands very securely. I would highly recommend it as a gift or a treat for yourself.  - Judy H., San Diego, CA

I picked up the "Feel Good Thoughts" to give it to a friend as a gift. After leafing through the book, I got one for myself too! In a world where successes are measured in how much money you have, it is good to have this book to remind you that you are important no matter how much or little wealth you have. You are rich within. And yes, you can change the world; first beginning with yourself.

This is not a story book that you read from beginning to end. It is set in a desk calendar style that props up with each page in large type facing you. I recommend you begin each day with a message from the book, and let it sink it throughout the day. You'll feel better. I definitely did. B. LE, San Diego, CA  

Gladys' thoughts in this book are inspiring. Great book! 
- BOB JOHNSON, San Diego, CA

Gladys just oozes positive feel good thoughts and honesty out of every pore in her body.  A truly remarkable person that just happens to be a truly remarkable author.   - JACK Roberts, Pt.  Ludlow, WA

Inspiring thoughts so concisely written. Essential for those down days when only words can comfort.  Thank you, Gladys!    -  CEQ, New York, NY  




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